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Right at the centre is a cube.
The cube is grey and translucent.
The lighting casts long shadows.
In the centre of this cube are two angry people, fighting furiously.
They are fighting until they die.
They are spitting and growling and staring intently.
In one corner of the cube is a boy, laughing, his legs against the wall, leaning forward.
In the opposite corner is an old man, crying, back against the wall, trying not to look at this scene in front of him.
When the fight is over, no person currently inside the cube will be inside the cube any more.
They will be outside the cube.
They do not know what is outside the cube.
The old man knows that he does not know, and he finds himself thinking more of what might be, than what he can see.
The boy does not know that he does not know, and so he does not care.

There is a smiley face on the outside of the box, so people smile at it.